The Falls Resort & Golf Club

Built in the early 1800s, the the Green Mansion was the center piece at Falls of Rough during the community's era of grandeur in the 1800s and early 1900s. However, the mansion's demise in the last 40 years left many wondering if the historic structure would ever be brought back to its original splendor.

The mansion has undergone one gigantic makeover thanks to The Falls Resort and Golf Club's commitment to celebrate the history of this wonderful resort community.

"Restoring the mansion was one of our top priorities when we came here," says the Owner. "It's an amazing structure and deserves to be restored and enjoyed by everyone."

That enjoyment has come in the form of a 9-bedroom bed and breakfast. The facility is furnished with antiques and all the structural fixtures in the mansion have been restored to their authentic state. US Congressman Willis Green, who served in the US House of Representatives for three consecutive terms in the 1840s, built the famed structure. Green was a close friend of Henry Clay and helped manage Clay's presidential campaign. Green's son, Lafayette, and wife Ella expanded the mansion to ils current size.

Stories of spirited evening dinners and family gatherings highlight the charm of the mansion during Lafayette and Ella's tenure. Their four siblings continued with the evening tradition as dinner was served by uniformed attendants with fine china displayed on the table.

Austrian and Baroque style furnishings accent the interior of the mansion. Each bedroom has been filled with elaborate mahogany Victorian beds that you must see to believe. Elite rugs compliment the now refurbished hardwood floors and the grand staircase now sparkles from top to bottom, step by step.

For information regarding the bed and breakfast, please call (800) 504-0906.

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